Additional Resources

MD crisis (substance misuse) hotline –  800-422-0009

Grass Roots Crisis Center

State of Maryland resource link – Before It is Too Late

This site provides extensive information on the types, causes, and signs of addiction, as well as the different kinds of recovery options, including withdrawal symptoms. *WARNING* I am not endorsing the recommended treatment centers offered. I don’t know anything about this organization.

Resource Packet with information on heroin addiction, using signs, overdose, fentynal, and opiate pain pills. information packet – Opiates

Recovery Care Partners Our mission is to help those afflicted with substance abuse recover and build stable lives. Our promise – in which our clients have come fervently to believe – is that we will be a trusted, valued partner in their recovery.
As a small core team of professionals allied with the most notable members of the recovery care community, we are experts in what we do. We rapidly identify, surface, and confront substance abuse issues, tailoring our approach to the needs of the client’s family.
Our founder, Don Sloane, provides leadership for our compassionate interventions and recovery care services. With over 30 years in the recovery field, Don has facilitated hundreds of interventions and helped to bring relief to a number of families. Don and his team provide hope and inspire sustainable recovery.

Maryland Addiction Recovery Center MARC offers two programs: an extended care residential program from adult men and women and an intensive outpatient (IOP) program. All programs comprehensively treat mind, body and spirit with an individualized approach, including individual, group and family therapy, psychiatric and medical services, holistic services and intensive family involvement and communication throughout the entire treatment process. After all, addiction is a family disease and the entire family unit needs support. With the goal of each patient to be moved from a place of addiction to a place of recovery, there is a heavy focus on life skills and each patient moves into an educational/vocational program that support the patient as they practice and improve the skills needs to go back to school or re-enter the work force, which occurs still while receiving treatment. The end result being as a patient leaves treatment, not only do they have the tools and skills needed for personal recovery, but they are reengaged with their family system, are back receiving a higher education or working and have begun to live a high quality of life as a productive member of society.

Hope House in Laurel and Crownsville

Helping UP Mission
HUM offers a FREE comprehensive recovery program to help men fighting with homelessness and addiction.

Congruent Counseling Services

Maryland Heroin Awareness Advocates (MHAA)

Maryland Coalition of Families
This group offers free support to youth and parents for all mental health needs, including addiction.  MFC provides information, treatment and support resources, one on one family counseling, and advocacy. 410-730-8269

Recovery 2.0 – Tommy Rosen
Tommy Rosen embraces a holistic approach to recovery from addiction of all kinds, emphasizing the importance of mind-body practices such as yoga, meditation, exercise, nutrition, and community.

AlAnon meetings

  • Bethany United Methodist Church,  Ellicott City
  • Saint Johns Episcopal Church, Ellicott City
  • Serenity Center, Columbia

Howard County Health Department

HC Drug Free

CDC- US Health Department