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There is a deep sense of longing that fills the heart of a grieving mother. Try as I may, to bring joy to this brokenness, but there is no mending or putting the pieces back together. From the eyes, creeps a blank stare, as those voices around me speak, and my ears hear the laughter in the air. My new normal, going through the motions of each and every ordinary day, and never looking forward to the dreaded holidays. Sure, I’ll be among you, looking like everything is fine… my lips and eyes are smiling, but I am crying inside. The dark of night sets in, there is not a lot of sleep, knowing that I have to face yet another day…being strong, but I’m tired and feeling weak. No, It doesn’t end; this won’t go away…this empty, longing state of being, I’m sorry, but it’s here to stay.

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